Computer-Aided Dispatch Software (CAD)

Computer Aided Dispatch Software

eFORCE® is proud to introduce you to our Computer-Aided Dispatch Software. It utilizes Microsoft's Silverlight browser-based technology and has allowed eFORCE® to provide more client-like functionality while still providing you software that is 100% browser-based. Some of the features include the eFORCE® Command, Robust Response Plans, an Intelligent Command Line, Unit Status Update Feature, Status Timer Alerts, Integrated ESRI Mapping, Dynamic Alert Bar, and over 30 built-in reports.

User-Friendly Design

Utilizing the latest in modern technology, the eFORCE® Computer-Aided Dispatch Software is designed for even the most novice of computer users. Our intuitive browser-based navigation system enables agencies to train quickly and effectively.

Robust Functionality

eFORCE® is just what your agency is looking for in a CAD solution. With a wide variety of modules and many additional features not found in other systems, your agency will find what it needs in the eFORCE® Computer-Aided Dispatch Software.

Browser-Based Technology

Access your data from any PC on your network without the need for client software. Simply use your PC’s browser software to access the eFORCE® Records Management Software. This is a great feature for administrators who would like to see a live view of what is occurring in dispatch.

System Alerts

Set alerts to signal after a certain amount of time on an activity. All activities and alert time are agency defined.

Command Line Control

A powerful tool for experienced users, the command line allows dispatchers to perform all of the major functions of eFORCE® CAD without ever having to touch the mouse.

Built-in Reports

eFORCE® CAD offers built-in reports and statistic generators. No need for 3rd party applications to create reports.

XML Interface Tools

Through the use of our XML Interface Server, your agency will have the ability to share and pass data seamlessly from other systems you may already utilize or may deploy. Many RMS, Jail, Court, or State systems are compatible with the eFORCE® Computer-Aided Dispatch Software solution.